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Welcome to SECURITYSWEEPS.US.   (Toll Free # 1-800-797-2787)

We have been providing electronic security measures and security sweeps (also known as electronic sweeps) to individuals, organizations and corporations for nearly thirty years ( CPS Service Company ) .Count on us when quality of service really matters. Remember, exceptional service is our standard.

We are a full service counter electronic security company. We offer TSCM, (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), also referred to as Electronic Countermeasures, this refers to the activity employed to detect, locate and or defeat surreptitious surveillance attempts to gain information by technical and or electronic means.

Our countermeasures survey is a systematic physical and electronic examination of a designated area by our trained and qualified technicians utilizing electronic equipment in an effort to locate any device used for surreptitious surveillance. We offer different services to address different " threat Levels ". The threat level is always determined by the investigator who is contracting our services.

TSCM is a highly specialized field and requires substantial electronic detection equipment, specifically designed for detection of the various surveillance devices, extensive knowledge, training, and experience. Some of our technicians who perform these services may be former military, law enforcement or civilian electronic experts who utilize their skills in the detection of these devices.

The following are typical protocol areas used during our TSCM survey, and the typical types of equipment used in that protocol. The equipment we use and maintain in our inventory is noted.

Amplitude Domain: This type of equipment is used to measure variations in voltage, amperage, resistance, capacitance, inductance current levels and general basic electronic measurements. This equipment consists of analog, digital voltmeters, amp meters, multi-meters, and various other types of electronic test equipment. We maintain an extensive inventory of electronic test equipment including test, evaluation and diagnostic equipment up to and including lab quality devices.

Frequency Domain: This type is of equipment is used to locate RF energy in the radio frequency spectrum, performing basic measurements of those signals. The purpose is to evaluate the frequency parameters used by the signal, and how the signal relates to other signals which may occupy nearby frequencies. The most common type of instrument used to evaluate the frequency domain is a spectrum analyzer, or RF receiver.

Modulation Domain: This type of equipment is used to maintain and read a signal demodulating the signal for evaluation. The most common instruments used are search receivers, intercept receivers, scanners, and various modulation devices.

Space Domain: This type of equipment is used to identify the source and/or relative direction of specific signals. The most common instruments are directional antennas, direction finding equipment, near field probes, wave guides and mixers, and other devices which will detect the path of a signal. We inventory an extensive inventory of direction finding equipment including various signal strength analyzers and detectors in addition to numerous specialty antennas from yagi and log periodic antennas, disc and loop antennas, to wave guides mixers and a variety of near field probes.

Physical Domain: This type of equipment is used to conduct in depth examinations of various artifacts and items. The most common instruments of this type are non-linear junction detectors, portable x-ray equipment, bore scopes, infrared viewers, thermal imaging systems, and other equipment used to conduct interior inspections. We maintain an extensive inventory of bore scopes, thermal devices in addition to a non-linear junction detector. X-ray and fluoroscope equipment are the only pieces of equipment which we do not regularly inventory. We have sources to lease these devices on an “as needed basis”. Audio Domain: This type of equipment is used to evaluate audio signals that may be present in a specific area or in any conductive material. This includes audio amplifiers, filters, transducers, and other related devices. We maintain a variety of amplifiers, filters, various transducers, contact microphones, acoustic leakage detectors and a variety of other devices designed to detect and evaluate audio signals.

Telco Domain: This type of equipment is used in the analysis of telephone instruments, telephone wiring, telephone systems, transmission lines, and other metallic conductors which would allow communications. This equipment includes telephone system analyzers, telephone test sets, tone generators, inductive tracking equipment, and other various instruments used in the communications industry.

We maintain an extensive inventory of telephone analyzers, test sets; various tone generators, and various inductive tracking devices and detectors in addition to a complete set of telco diagnostic and repair equipment. Power Domain: This type of equipment is used to inspect, and evaluate power lines, and the associated circuit systems such as circuit breaker panels, transformers and AC circuits. We maintain an extensive inventory of standard electrician test equipment in addition to a number of detection devices specifically designed for electronic countermeasures work to detect and evaluate any anomalies.

Digital and Data Communications Domain: This type of equipment is used to detect and evaluate data information. This includes various signal analyzers, network analyzers, cable analyzers, digital monitoring and counting devices, and instruments that monitor both the extent and the content of data communications signals.

Additional: In addition to the standard equipment used in TSCM, additional equipment includes ladders, a substantial inventory of hand and power tools, mirrors, various stands, tables and support equipment in addition to various common detection and test equipment.

SECURITYSWEEPS.US is a professional full service security company and we offer 24/7 Nationwide coverage .

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have in regard to our services. 1800-797-2787
CPS Services is a New York Corporation in business for nearly 30 years. Due to the nature of our business and the equipment
that is used by our technicians we are able to serve only the continental United States. Call us by phone at 800-797-2787 now!
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