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Standard Fee Schedule

Average and typical construction buildings, business & residential. $1.25 per sq.ft.

Telco lines including voice, internet, LAN, fax and other telco lines (includes 1 instrument). Up to nine (9) lines -$135.00 per line

Additional telco lines. $110.00 per line . Up to 25 lines

Additional telco instruments. $145.00 per instrument

Warehouses. $.50 - $1.75 per sq.ft.

The range from .50 to 1.75 per sq. foot is dependent upon contents and usage. For example an average warehouse area typically used for light storage, shipping and product preparation would be .50 per sq. ft. A warehouse used for manufacturing containing machinery and electronic devices would be .75 per sq. ft. A warehouse used for product storage with racks of product stacked in high shelving units would be 1.50 per sq. ft.

If quoting cost for a warehouse without an onsite inspection it is advisable to quote the higher figures.

Out of area: time and mileage @ $.65 per mile $165.00 per hour ( per man ) Per Diem ( Min) expenses per 24 hr period per technician $350.00


Minimum Survey Fee: ( not inclusive of travel ) $800.00

This is the minimum fee charged regardless of the size, type, or nature of the survey. Typically would be a small single apartment or building less than 500 sq. ft. with no phone lines included, in a low threat level survey. The survey would be a basic “sweep” survey for RF transmitters and a basic physical inspection. Time would typically be less then Two (2)hours.

Same day service , night service and / or holiday service may incur additional costs .

Fee’s are subject to change without notice. Fee’s are only guaranteed upon contract.
CPS Services is a New York Corporation in business for nearly 30 years. Due to the nature of our business and the equipment
that is used by our technicians we are able to serve only the continental United States. Call us by phone at 800-797-2787 now!

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